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Why New Zealanders choose the Greenwich Funeral Plan


  • Guaranteed acceptance for anyone aged 30 to 70
  • You'll never pay more than you're covered for
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Funerals don't come cheap - the average cost is around, $8,000-10,000, but it isn't difficult to spend a lot more. And this is the last thing your family should have to worry about at such a difficult time. With our funeral cover the lump sum is usually paid within 48 hours of the claim forms and other documentation being received, and can be used however you and your family choose.

Find out about how it works and the full benefits, exclusions and conditions in our Greenwich Funeral Plan Policy Wording. You can also find out about our Life Insurance.

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DPL Insurance and Turners LimitedOmbudsman and FSF

Greenwich Funeral Plan insurance is underwritten by DPL Insurance Limited (find out about their financial strength rating), a wholly owned subsidiary of Turners Automotive Group.